Have a smart phone? What do you get?

If you've got a smart phone go to text then spell the word lardass. What does your phone come up with? Mine came up with kardsahian!


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  • Same result (iPhone 6). Good find!

    • Thanks! I thought it was funny!

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  • My iPhone 6 Plus came up with Kardsahian to! Is yours an iPhone?

    • Yes I've got an iPhone 6!!

    • It might just be the way the iPhone word prediction thing is. It might not do it on other brands.

  • If I type Lardas, it does give that option

    • Really? Oh well.

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    • @Applefan1 Iphone 6

    • Interesting. All our iPhones have done it. However, I think phones learn the ways different people text so maybe you text in a way that means your phone will not bring it up. If you know what I am trying to say.

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