Do I owe my boss/co-workers an apology for changing my mind about an interniship? Please read details?

I'm looking for an internship... I told my boss I found one but was looking for something better (the guy eho interviewed me was very rude). So my boss was nice and contacted a co-worker in another department.

They came up with an idea of me doing counseling for pre-med students. I was really excited and it sounded like a good idea so we made an appointment with another boss and person who would be supervising the next day.

During the meeting it seemed like what I want to do for internship is out of scope for the office... so I wasn't as interested.

I found out the two people who wanted me to do the internship with them spoke with my boss and told her they were dissapointed because I had a change of heart.

so my boss wanted to talk to me about what happened and offered to set up a short informal meeting with us all again. It seemed like I would be able to do what I want somewhat. I suggested I do half my internship there and half at the original place. So I got their hopes up.

I contacted the original place I wanted to do internship and they told me I have to do my full internship there. I told my boss and she was sort of swading me not to do it there.

I feel bad for wasting everyones time... but I'm pretty sure I want to do it at the original place. I feel like i'll learn a lot more and it is more in line with what I want to do for a career. The internship at my job is similar to what I've been doing and I won't learn much. My job is temporary while I'm in school and I leave in August.

I made them cookies to thank them for their time. I feel really bad for leading them on in a way, but I feel like if I take the internship at work it would mostly be just for convenience and to please my boss and co-workers. Advice?


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  • Do what you have to do for your career, it's your choice, and only your choice

    • Thanks for your answer. I feel guilty because I sort of led them on because I told them I was interested and excited.

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