How do you let your crush know you like them without telling them?

Long story short there's this girl i like...

she doesn't know i like her... how do i let her know?

i remember once in the 3rd grade on valentines day when we were giving out cards...
i wrote a heart on my crushes card hoping only she saw it... some kid snatched it and started laughing
he drew the whole classes attention and everyone saw it.. even the girl i liked laughed

one time in class she was crying.. i thought she was crying over her boyfriend because they broke up
even though i liked her it hurted me to see her cry
so i wrote a note to her boyfriend saying

"i love you"

it was meant for him to see and feel sorry for her, and also get back with her
but instead my crushes best friend watched me do the whole thing.. when i handed the note to the boy
my crushes friend told him it was from me and he was like
"Ewwwwww wtf"

my crush and her best friend started laughing while her boyfriend was in shock..

i wasn't happy that i was called gay for like 2 years but i was happy i stopped her from crying and saw her smile..

what would you do about your crush


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