Anybody else feel a little broke on the inside?

Like somethings just not working u feel wrong but there's no obvious way to fix it. You just don't feel right anymore and u don't even know what feeling right means anymore.


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  • Definitely sometimes I have felt like this - What I do is take a step back and think about my life, what is good about it, what is bad about it then try to concentrate on the good things if you get back to a positive base things can seem a little lighter and clearer.

  • we all are.

    some of us much much less

    but mainly it starts from broken families, bad male roll model etc... then the childs depravity either kills his motivation to do well or he succumbs to making the wrong relatinoships and/or drugs to find relief and that in its own eventually adds another 10 problems when addiction and dependency kicks in

    human condition is more intense for some and easier for others who come from good families

    you need Jesus Christ as all do but only the broken realise and search for him... the sick know they need a doctor but the ones well with their own abilities or born into things dont break to realize. sad part is, we all die and no status or money matters.

    • im kinda the opposite my home life is good but life still seems pretty crappy and I don't think a 2,000 year old dead man is magically gonna fix my problems despite what around 30-40% of the world thinks

  • I've never felt right, so how would I know what right is?