So if you found someone whom was basically you're dream girl/guy but they wanted an open relationship would you do it?

I'm just bored and curious. Personally no I wouldn't I'm kind of the jealous type (not hardcore but I am a bit) and I definitely couldn't handle the idea of my girlfriend fucking a bunch of random guys. Honestly after them bringing that up I wouldn't date them even if they said they would be willing to not be open because then all I could think about is whether they're thinking about fucking other people and also I would be really suspicious of them cheating.

  • I would happily do it
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  • I would do it begrudgingly
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  • No I wouldn't do it but if they were willing to reconsider I'd still date the.
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  • No fucking way I'd do and wouldn't date them even if they changed their mind about it
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  • I couldn't date someone who wanted an open relationship because personally it does not fit with my views of a relationship. To have an open relationship both parties will have to want it, and I am a slightly jealous person if you give me a reason to be so it would not fly with me. I think polyamorous relationships are meant for people who want to share and be shared, who mentally and physically can't be with solely one person but love many.


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