Your opion about this phrasse?

Be a good person but don't waste yoru time to prove it


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  • Agreed! If I need to 'prove' to someone that I'm 'good, then he/she is not someone I prefer to interact with. Unless of course, I have done something wrong, and need to regain that person's trust by doing good and proving myself.


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  • That's what I do all the time. I don't treat others badly, instead I treat every one with respect but I never point it out. It's always better for people to come to that conclusion about me themselves. And if they don't, well whatever. Their loss.

    But yes, that phrase is a guide on how to actually be a good person. Similar to what Jayzus said, in that a real Xtian does not boast about their good deeds but instead does them in secret. For only then are they truly good deeds that come from the heart and not of vanity - for the sake of attention.