How to end a racist war started between two people years ago?

This started between my dad and my husband years ago for no real reason. My dad is an ass most of the time towards my husband and i'm so tired of this. I want to put an end to it, but i don't know what to do. It's getting stupid and awkward sometimes. My dad hated him (before marriage) after he husband got me pregnant when i was 19 and that's over now. I just want to end this stupid was cause it's started to effect my daughter. I'm already pregnant now and i don't need more stress in my life.


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  • "My dad is an ass most of the time"

    ^^That's your problem. And in these situations it's hard to change the mind of an old fart of an bigot. They're set in their ways and don't know any better. Although I'm not one for ultimatums, I think you're gonna have to make one for your dad. Your husband and child are your direct family - they come first for you. And if your dad can not accept that then he has no place in his grandchild's life.

    • So you're telling me to leave my dad and stick with my family?

    • I'm telling you to tell him that that is precisely what you'll do if he won't stop acting like a child.

    • Thanks, dudette.

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  • If someone hates an entire race , there's not much you can do about it.
    Assuming your dad is in his 40s-50s he has spent a majority of his life possessing such strong feelings so there isn't much room to change.
    Also , your husband "did not get you pregnant" you were a willing participant in it as well. You both are starting a family together. I think that's a better way to phrase it , because it seems as if you're making your husband bare all responsibility for that happening.
    You're 19 years old , in a tough situation. Is your husband working towards helping you get into a place if your own?
    Changing your dad's opinion is very unlikely.
    You have to remove yourself from the situation entirely.
    That is my advice.
    Find a place of your own , even if you have to apply for low income housing.
    What a toxic environment to raise a young child in !

    • You mean i was 19 years old. I'm older now and i have my own house and we both have our good jobs. All I wanted is to change my father's mind because we're tired of his bullshit towards my family. besides i leave my daughter with mom when i'm not home but my dad is...

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  • i don't think you know what the term "racist" means...

  • How is it racist with no race involved

    • No there is but i didn't write it because it means nothing to me but it is to my dad

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  • This happens a lot in families. Do what I've done. I've completely closed my self off from extended family. They should have no opinion in what you and your family do.

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