My friends invited me to the pub to watch a game, I've been really depressed and antisocial lately, should I do it?

They invited me to go watch the barcelona game (soccer) at a pub. I'm feeling pretty depresesd and anti social lately and my brain says no, don't go, you're gonna feel miserable and feel left out, nobody wants to be around a sappy downer guy, just sit watch the game alone at home.

What do you say?

  • Go. You will regret not going
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  • Don't go, you will regret going. It will be miserable and you will feel like an idiot in the background
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i will go and let u guys know how it went. This is my first time going out in over 5 years
I'm glad I went. Yeah, I felt like a wallpaper. I didn't really engage in conversation and people didn't really engage me either. HOWEVER, I know that if I sat at home, I would have been depressed thinking about how they all went there and had a blast while I was miserable at home.


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  • I get that way too sometimes, but maybe just try? For me, getting ready and out the door is the absolute WORSTTT! But once I'm out everything turns around and I have a great time! If you have a bad time you can always leave. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    • I have avoided going out every single invitation for the past few years. I was 99% sure this time I would pass but I thought maybe I'd go... I don't know. I'm worried that I will be right. That nobody will give a shit about me and I will feel like an idiot in the background

    • Well, you've got to put yourself out there. If you psyche yourself out and make yourself feel alienated then you definitely will look awkward. But if you just hang out, chat to people casually about the game, you'll be fine. :) especially if you're in a group, then you can spend very little time talking and more time listening i that makes you feel more comfortable and no one will think you're strange at all.

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  • Just go, and try to have fun! This might just be the change you need to overcome your depression and social anxiety! :)


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  • Yay, I am so happy that you went 😁☺️

  • Gooooooo for it

  • go, the change of pace will probably be refreshing, and it'll be nice to get out with your friends. even if you aren't really feeling it at first, once you get out there you'll probably enjoy yourself.


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