Does anyone else have driving problems like this, any advice?

First, I live in New York, U. S.
I never had a reason to drive except when College was starting. it was in an area I had passed many times in my life. Long story short, it took me ALL summer to remember how to get there and even after that I got lost countless times and had to call someone to follow home.

I forgot directions, even places I have passed so many times and should know how to get to without help. I can't use a map, don't remember street names, and even got lost using a GPS! I only remember landmarks like stores, trees, buildings, not streets or signs like most people.

Not Knowing north, south, east, west is the main problem. I can't even give directions to my house! visual learning instead of reading learning is a symptom. It can even cause other issues like getting confused finding your car in a parking lot. It's like it's ALWAYS my "first time" driving it's impossible to go anywhere I don't already know how to get to.

I've met one person who had it and they are a woman and their husband did everything for them so never had to drive, nobody I know ever solved the problem. There is no medicine known for it and the only suggestion is use a GPS or always travel with someone which isn't an option for me.

So as a single guy with no friends or spouse I don't have a traveling companion, my parents have to drive me practically anywhere and are tired of it and so am I! I've lost friends and a date over this problem, and jobs that are far that I could work at are impossible for me since I can't get there. I can't see how I can live on my own, even if my living quarters are near all the essentials like food store and doctor if I can't figure out how to travel anywhere else I'm stuck at home doing nothing the rest of my life!

It's really bad news as I've been struggling with this for 15 years and all help or practise I've tried has failed to improve my situation and I'm clueless what to do about my life because of this.


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  • I have the same problem. Gps doesn't help sometimes either cuz I'll even fuck up on their directions. Usually I have someone with me too or if I have to go it alone, ill try to google map it through once and usually that's enough to get me close enough to the route I need. But once I've been to a place I'm usually good and can remember how to get there. But there are times when something gets closed down or when its dark and I miss landmarks lol. I have to either leave really super early, like an hour or two in advance, or learn to bear the disappointing looks for being late. Lol.


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  • Google street view is a real life saver! Plan your route and look for the major landmarks at places where you will be turning or changing roads. Actually seeing those landmarks from the view of the road will help a lot. A lot of practice and being calm should help, and realizing that a wrong turn isn't the end of the world.

    Also, maybe you should just download a compass app or get a tiny one to put on the dash board, if that is an issue for you.

    • But let's say I got invited somewhere suddenly or an emergency I don't have time to look things up.

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    • I've used a GPS and still gotten lost and it led me 15 minutes away only to come back to the same spot I was in, if I knew my surroundings I should of just known what exit to get on and I would of made it to my destination much sooner.

    • You just have to learn to take directions better, if you don't there really isn't much else you can do. Practice makes perfect and not getting flustered, as does planning the route. You can use street view on your phone.

  • I usually remember things by certain land marks or houses, and I try to have a few for every route. Like for me, going to school consists of 3 of the same gas stations, two farms, and a (now former) rainbow house.

    • That's what I do, but if it's dark or snowing or a building changes its not reliable to use that. Traveling places that are miles away also makes this hard.

    • True :/ I usually attempt to not drive when it's dark out for that reason. And with rain or snow I drive slowly and keep going until the places I'm passing through start to seem familiar, or until I find a street I remember. As far as going far away, I don't normally go too far but if I get lost or feel like I am I'll call my mom or dad.

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