New to this, can someone who is a selling professional help me?

Well long story short, I had bought a Canon PIXMA iP2820 white inkjet printer, and paper for my college courses for next semester. Along with this, I had bought the ink in XL: both black and colored. So turns out it isn't compatible with my computer... I know it was quite dumb, but this was the first time I had bought something like this, and the place I bought it from had no clue about this product as well. I tried returning it, but they will not accept it. So here I am with a brand new printer, paper, and ink. Oh my goodness, I am just so upset!

But anyway, I just want to know how much would someone sell this for (not just the computer, but EVERYTHING included) online, and also what site is the best to do this on? Also can you sell this type of stuff to a pawn shop?

Disregard what was previously said.


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  • Did the printer not come with a disc to load in your computer?

    • Sorry, but I am confused as to what you mean. I am completely new to the world of printers. So are you saying that by loading in my computer, that the printer will be compatible with my computer? (I have a windows 10, and it says something about windows 8, windows 8.1, and below). Along with the printer it came with the power cord, the cartridges, manuals and other documents, and a setup CD-ROM.

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    • Sorry, I did not see that you had written again. But yes actually, it really did. Thank you again.

    • Excellent. Glad it helped. Enjoy.😇

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