How do I know if I got drugged in my drink?

I know I drank quite a bit but I also know my body and am not new to drinking or any of the alcohol that was served at the party.
I was doing fine and helping host clean up, the last clear thing I remember is putting my drink (which was low and was my last one of the night anyways) on kitchen counter where I was cleaning to run up stairs to check on girl passed out up there for an update for the host, came down finished my last swig of drink and started cleaning kitchen again but then only remember bits and pieces from there for about 3 - 4 hrs.
My friend and I had been watching/holding eachothers drinks for the evening; it was just that one time, I figured it was almost empty, I'd be real quick and she was in middle of game. A mutual guy friend who had been hanging out with us helped her take care of me, then later (I think within 30 mins or so of me finishing my drink) got us out of there to his apartment because somehow I ticked off the hosts sister, a few of the people at the party later joined including his brother/roommate. I had my car there because I don't get drunk at parties but my friend had her car also so the guy drove me in my car to his place with her fallowing... I puked my guts out in the car (I think from drugs because i don't ever puke after drinking) on the way and started drinking water like crazy, I became conscience of not knowing much of what happened and hung out for about 30 mins and drove home just fine... again all of this is from 1am ish (last time i saw the clock and started helping host) to 4:30ish (when I drove myself home) seems like very short period of time for all this to happen =-/ My body felt fine in the morning I just couldn't hardly think clearly... I've never done drugs before so I have no idea what it "feels like".
I know I didn't have sex for sure and my girl friend was there the whole time and over the last few days I could remember a little more.

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  • I would say drunk... doesn't sound like there was anything suspicios after u got feeling weird anyway... But never leave your drink alone.. And medication and other drugs can affect how alchohol works

  • Eh, can't know for sure, but I guess you were drunk.


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