Guys do you look out for your girlfriend girls would you like your boyfriend to look out for you?

Dudes do you catch her when she stumbles do you help her up when she falls do you help her when she's hurt and other stuff like that girls do you like it when your boyfriend does this for you if he doesn't do that would you like it if he did


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  • Of course I like it when my boyfriend looks after me when I'm hurt. I'd do the same for him and have done so before, though I'd do the same for anyone who is a friend or acquaintance of mine. I don't think those sorts of gestures should be exclusive to our significant others...
    We should all help each other out. :)


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  • Well of course what can I wouldn't do that


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  • Usually he tries his best to make sure i'm steady on my feet haha especially hiking, if I fall he tries to make sure I"m okay and looks after me sometimes when I'm hurt.

  • Yes definitely! Protective aspect of a relationship


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