My mom and my older sister want my little niece to be better than me?

My older sister has a 7 year old which is my niece and my mom and her seem to have a hung up of me stealing the shine from my niece who I love dearly. So long story short I was model scouted and I'm pursuing a fashion model career. My mom and sister have nothing to say of my success and my mom didn't even want to look at my contract from my agency. I've noticed recently that they will brag to me about my little niece I just find it strange because they say things like she's the real star, she's a movie star etc and I'm thinking she's a baby let her be one. Also every time someone compliments me she has to bring up my niece. This lady called me a princess and she had to tell her that my niece is gorgeous and a movie star etc. someone called me a beauty queen and she said you should see my grand baby. When I was scouted she wanted to know about agencies for kids for my niece. Why is my mom like this and wtf is going on?


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  • Maybe it's the field you are in and hence why they prefer something that is less like a model like career


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