Do East Asian girls get big headed about their eyes?

Like that eye shape is always the shape every girl tries to get when she does her make up.
How does it feel that your guys eye shape is THE eyes to have?


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  • Ooooh believe me, that's a subjective (cultural) opinion and almost all east-Asian girls would disagree with you! (especially the real east Asians, not Asian-American). My girlfriend is from South Korea. She was born there and lived there all her life and just came to Europe 2 years ago. When I talk to her (or also some of her friends in Korea), I realize that their feelings about their eyes are VERY different from what we think about them in Europe or America. Most western guys who are into Asian girls (such as me) find those east-Asian almond-shaped eyes extremely pretty and cute and also a really big turn on. In my personal opinion, no ethnicity has such erotic eyes as east Asian girls. HOWEVER, most Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and - to some degree - Japanese women HATE their eyes. Don't ask me why, I don't really get it either. Maybe it has to do with the fact that people always think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, if you know what I mean. You always want what you don't have. This is why many western people (especially women) want to have a tan. In east Asia, this is much crazier. In fact, Seoul (where I lived for a while) is the world's global center for plastic surgery. No nation in the world does more plastic surgeries than Koreans (with Chinese and Japanese closely following). There are neighborhoods in Seoul, particularly in Gangnam (in the wealthy south of the city), where they have whole avenues just packed with one plastic surgery clinic after the other, on both sides of the street. You would be mistaken for thinking "isn't that supply going over the actual demand?" but crazily, it's not. There are soooo many girls in Korea would want to get plastic surgeries that you can easily make a living as a plastic surgeon even if there's also a plastic surgeon on your left AND your right!
    The most popular plastic surgery in South Korea (and in all of east Asia) is to make your eyes shaped into a western eye and to make a double eyelid like western people have it. Most east Asian girls consider their natural eyes ugly and sometimes get really depressed (like REALLY depressed!) that they don't look more western. Telling somebody "you have small eyes" in Korea is one of the worst insults you can give them (even if you meant to say small almond-eyes are adorable). There are thousands of parents who even pressure their kids into getting their eyes fixed. It's really a terrible, terrible social and cultural trend.

    • That's crazy. Ha beauty standards make me laugh sometimes. You got white girls trying to tan and get darker, black girls using bleach cream to look lighter, Asian girls trying to look western, Western girls trying to look Asian, curly haired girls straightening the fuck outta their hair, straight haired girls using curling wands to get curls.
      Nobody is ever happy with what they have, even though other girls would love to have what they have.

      Can't believe those girls want to look more western thoigh. Cat eye make up is big literally everywhere else in the world. Everywhere. Europe, Africa, America...

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    • I'm a girl, and I totally agree haha, so it's not just because you're a guy. I don't get it myself, especially when people get really really unhappy with certain features on themselves. Make up can be fun for me, but if I'm honest, I can barely be bothered to do it and only do it when I am really expected to like I'm getting really dressed up to go somewhere.
      Girls complain that the media makes them feel bad about themselves and that's why they do it, but really, if they just didn't care they'd be a lot happier. Fuck letting some random people in magazines tell you what you "should" look like.
      I hear it's getting to men more these days too, and that plastic surgery rates amongst males have gone up quite a bit in the past few years.
      And the saddest part is what is considered beautiful changes, it's a trend, so as soon as they get the look they're chasing, TV is telling them they need a new look.

    • Oh yes, yes, yes! Couldn't agree more :-). Wow... I think you're a girl I could fall in love with. I wish there were more smart and confident girls like you who are brave enough to look at things in a such rational, open-minded and non-shallow way <3

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  • Just curious. What are those eyeshapes called?

    • Real ones are called almond shaped. The ones girls do with make up is called cat eye.

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    • That's called unfair

    • Lol

      Anyway. As one of the user have said. A lot of Asian girls dont like their eyes. In fact, in fact double eyelid surgery is a big buisness in East Asia..

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  • Is this a troll post?

    • You don't try to do the whole "cat eye" thing or wings when you do your make up?

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    • The look is trying to get the eyes to look almond shaped, and when girls do it, their eyes actually do look more almond shaped. Especially when they add the thing on the inner corners of the eyes, like the highlighted thing, it looks even more almond shaped. Somebody with round eyes can look really almond shaped by doing it all, especially when they get it really really right.

    • It's just a trend. During Twiggys time, it was in to draw eyelids on your lower eyelid.. nobody accused them of wanting to look like sad clowns.

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