Do you like Catherine Tate?

She is so hilarious... Lauren is one of my favorite characters she does.

It's an old show but still so very good and funny.
Catherine Tate Show


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  • i don't have a reason not to like her... i also have never heard of her :/

    • She's a comedic actress from the UK.

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    • Ah gotcha... I hardly read everything either, unless the first couple of sentences capture me.

    • also, if i really wanna read the question and there's too many words (happens more than you'd think), i just use speech... efficiency mahfucka!!!

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  • I liked her as Donna Noble in Doctor Who. :3

    • Yeah, she was one of the better companions on the newer one.

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    • Yeah, I would hate to lose the memory of a awesome experience as that.

    • Yeah. I love how the Doctor came back and gave her a winning lottery ticket though. That was a win.

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  • Yes I like her a lot.

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