Am I an introvert or an extrovert (poll)?

Socializing makes me really nervous and I can be very shy in situations that I'm uncomfortable in. I blush easily. If I'm uncomfortable, I can't wait to get away from the party or social gathering and be alone.

But when I'm around people I know well or feel good about myself, I am very outgoing and can talk to pretty much anyone. And when I'm in this state of mind I feel energized and like i could keep socializing.

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  • Im the same way... I think im an introvert too


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  • I'm like that too. So I'd say introvert, I don't usually go up to people first to initiate a conversation and I won't fully act myself and feel comfortable around you unless I truly feel like I know you enough. But when I'm with my friends I'm like a social butterfly and want to talk to everyone.

  • you are an ambivert :) I'm the same

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