If you had $10 billion?

If you had $10 billion dollars what would you buy? The rules: β€’ you have 365 days to spend it. β€’ you can't give to charities. β€’ you can't give to friends/family. β€’ you can't buy the same thing twice.


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  • Build a 300ft castle atop a lone crag in the Austrian alps. Open seasonally for tours.
    Build one roman arched bridge driveway to it, with a 2,000 ft drop on either side.
    Pay 70 years worth of utilities.
    Hire staff and pay out of a lump sum fund.
    Get a 20 year govt bond.
    Invest in stock for a successful company.
    Buy a Mclaren f1 or some other fancy sports car. Sell it and get 2-3 other cars.
    Get a $500,000 store credit at a furniture store. Buy whatever I need later, hehe.
    Buy an organic sustainable farm, and use some of the existing staff to care for it.
    Get a black Arabian stallion and all necessary equestrian facilities for him, including space for boarding other people's horses (charge rent).
    Buy a large apartment complex and rent out.
    The latest technology pcs tablets tvs etc, smart house stuff...
    Buy gold and precious gems
    Open up a restaurant within walking distance to the castle, that serves all my favorite dishes, and open to public.
    Get 3 cats and a toyger.
    Go on an extensive dragon hunting expedition across Europe, china etc. (so i can settle any doubts).
    Pay a tab for 20 years worth massage services.
    Get a nutritionist, health coach.
    Get a personal gym trainer.
    Get a French chef.
    Take cooking classes.
    Get a vocal coach.
    Get a piano coach.
    Get someone to train me to be charismatic and super smooth talker.
    Get a seamstress to make epic, dramatic clothes for me.
    Hold several balls every year, and enforce 18th century dress code.
    Follow events for male models in Paris, so I can check out the hotties.
    Visit every country in the world and try their food.
    Make friends. Treat them to lavish ski vacations or hotels at beach resorts.
    Go scuba diving. Skiing. Hanggliding. etc whatever I've never tried before...
    Pay for every single animal shelter to round up all the animals and neuter and spay.
    Bribe food companies to dump leftover food in a designated location for homeless with several locations in each state.

    Get a tiny house on wheels, with solar off grid power in case I lose everything lol.


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  • I would do what Richard Branson has done: buy a beautiful private island somewhere in the Pacific or in the Caribbean, put a huge mansion on it for myself and a couple of smaller mansions for friends and other exclusive guests I want to invite on my island. Then - and now comes the best part - I would hire about 20-25 employees who work for me so that everything is running smoothly on the island. Incidentally, all these employees would juuuust happen to be really hot 18-30 year old girls and I would pay them a little more than normal employees to also take up "other" tasks. This way, I would have lots of staff AND a harem at the same time :-). Oh, and I would try to mix up my harem/staff ethnically: some Asian cuties, some white girls, some black chicas... sounds great, no? :-)


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  • - I'd buy a huge house (castle or mansion would work)
    - Lamborghini (lime green)
    - robots who do my work (preferably taking care of my castle or mansion cause that shits hard work)
    - travel (I'd literally go everywhere... well not everywhere)
    - a private island (where there might be cabins, fountains to swim in, a resort... and it's all mine)
    - private jets and planes
    - wardrobe makeover (one of everything and in every colour muhahaha)
    - a bunch of butlers
    - I'd buy a shopping centre (then if I ever need food, clothes, games, movies, books etc whatever you find in shopping centres then I'd just go in and grab it for free cause it's mine)
    - I'd buy every fancy technology that's out there just for the fun of it
    - with the remaining money, I'd buy a whole ton of cigarettes and drugs and then just burn them. Bahahaha

  • A motorcycle
    A trailer
    A jeep
    A roadmap book
    Hiking gear
    Camping gear
    A kayak
    The rest to fuel my adventure 😎✌

  • A meth lab

  • Sounds like a lot of different sex toys

  • Building my own company and never working for someone else for 8-10 hours ever again.

  • No charity? Wtf?

    I'll make some schools in the poorest places in Mexico. Some hospitals too.
    I'll make an animal refugee.
    I'll make houses for homelessness
    I'll make human refugees lol
    I would do anything to stop the war in Syria, I don't know how exactly but I would use all the money to save Syrians

  • Properties and shares that appreciates in value, so that I can live forever on interest and always have a lot of money to influence the world. And a BMW cabrio, a maserati, some ferraris, and a super yacht of course.

  • Taylor swift everything
    Taylor herself
    Owl city tickets
    Violin lessons
    New guitar
    Kaila uke
    House in Nashville
    Triumph spitfire car
    Anything music related
    House in Ireland
    Trips around the world
    Really good food from my city, gotta support the local businesses as a

  • 1979 F250 ford pickup
    *spend 1mil on gas and food & motel*
    Drives to Alaska over a month, sightseeing etc.
    *rents a house with land*
    Buys my sled team pups & all the equipment.
    Buys shooting classes & a few guns. 😌

  • An apartment
    Audi R8 in color pink
    High end cosmetics
    Shoes (Louboutins!)
    Chanel bags
    YSL, Dior, and Chanel perfumes
    Shopping every weekend
    Spa once a week
    Evening gowns
    Personal trainer
    Body guards

  • No fair why not charity? anyways I guess I would save for college and buy a big house and travel a lot.

    • It would make it harder to spend a 10 billion without charities the rules i gave which most people... well pretty much all people didn't follow lol.

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    • Have you travelled anywhere before?

  • I'd build a sanctuary for rare and endangered animal species.

  • For myself, I would buy:

    A decent house in a really nice neighborhood.

    A nice car, I like luxury vehicles.

    New wardrobe

    New luggage

    The best camera available

    My own private jet

    Hire the best tutors to teach me foreign languages

    Travel the world

    On travels, buy souvenirs

    Buy the best food and drinks in the city I am visiting

    Pay for harp lessons

    Pay for cello lessons

    Develop my own company so I can sustain my lifestyle (includes buying a building, hiring staff, hiring decorators, hiring law team etc.)


What Guys Said 23

  • Buy the whole of the Coca Cola company with the money. Generate an infinite amount of earnings for an infinite amount of time.

    Obtain money, invest it in further developments, generate income through that. Establish companies in developing countries throughout Africa, utilizing their resources and driving their economy.

    Use the money then, to buy:

    A mansion in the UK or Canada for my parents. With 2 butlers, 1 chief, 2 maids and 1 driver.

    My fav leather jacket
    Expensive sneakers
    Some black skinny jeans
    Classy expensive scarf
    Classy expensive watch
    Classy expensive pair of sunglasses
    Pair of expensive heeled formal/casual shoes.
    Versace perfume
    Fender stratocaster guitar.
    100% Gold Standard Whey Protein
    Some dumbell weights with a bench
    A barbell with an adjustable rΓ ck and free weights.
    Gibson les Paul guitar.
    Buy a first class plane ticket to see one direction and to meet them.
    Meet Zayn Malik.
    Steineway Sons Grand Piano.
    Private home studio with the most expensive and latest equipments - start producing music
    Singing lessons from the best vocal teachers and vocalists around the world.
    Buy all the sims games!! :DDD

  • Mansion
    Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita
    Maxed out gaming PC
    Every game
    Buy a mall
    Buy a restaurant
    Hire escorts

  • buy a company or a few, buy an island build a castle and fuck society. and probably 200 pounds of weed

  • i'd buy this website.

  • I would buy about $5,000,000,000 in gold bullion and spend about $1,000,000,000 having a massive skyscraper built where I can safely store the gold. With the remaining $4,000,000,000 I would spend on mansions, boats, cars companies and shares.

    Then at the end of the 365 days I would have a lot to sell and stay a multi millionaire for the rest of my life.

  • i'd buy a shitload of investments to turn it into $100 billion!!

    a bunch to charity

    and a good handful to fun things and impulse purchases ofc :)

    • by the way this is all after i denounce my US citizenship to save the 35% tax rate on that bad boy. And move to Mexico and live on the beach.

  • a fully tech operated house like Gates and an education to make sure no one can break into the OS.

  • Mansion in Beverly Hills, I'd buy out some businesses. Private jet, loads of fast cars, invest in stock, buy my family a nice house with loads of things, buy my friends houses near me. Loads of food, have parties all night, go into space, travel, invest the rest in various other things.

  • Private island, a fully self sustainable mansion, and the staff to run everything for a decade.

  • Invest in blue chip companies to satisfy the rules, get my money back and buy the biggest houses in the country and fill them with all the homeless and abused kids i could afford. I'd make sure they were looked after properly and I'd keep an eye on the staff I'd hired to make sure they did.

  • I'd buy an island and pay for enough infrastructure to make a small city, and then I'd invite people to come to my island to live in harmony, and then I'd force the islanders to harvest all the natural resources and make money off of exporting raw goods and triple my money after the year is done.

    I'd then brainwash their children and buy a shit ton of weapons, and then I'd take over the world.

  • 10 billion is almost too much to spend. The most expensive items are mega yachts that go upwards of 200 million.

    With 10 billion, id buy a plane, chopper, boats, land, islands. 100 cars. Id probably still have money left over πŸ˜•

    • You could probably buy the united states.

    • @fondue no, 10 billion isn't much. I wanted to buy out Apple, Microsoft or Samsung, couldn't because they were too expensive. You can't even by a whole company, nevermind in North America.

      Apple is well over $120 Billion, Microsoft about $79 Billion and Samsung roughly the same.

    • @QooLipBite yeah. I just now realized I got billion mixed with trillion. Which is what the us owes. Like 15 trill. Also before spending it you'd have to consider putting money aside for taxes on it. So lol. Disregard everything must be the drugs I don't do. 😊

  • I'd buy a nice house and a couple cars, then hire financial advisors to help me turn that money into a constant stream of money. I would probably end up buying real estate, stocks, and bonds, and providing some venture capital to promising companies.

  • I'd set aside $100million to blow on stupid shit, and then I'd only buy stuff that retains value.

    A few Picassos, a modern classic car collection, one of the big 4 banks in Australia, an office tower, a real estate empire, etc.

  • One spaceship to Mars, with lander and colonization supplies.

  • I'll pay someone 10k to kill the rule maker and then spend it anyway i want to.

  • I'd give people money to do stupid stuff for my own amusement. For example I'd give someone $1m to lick a dogs ass. Silly I know, but it's true.

  • Uhm a bunch of different companies so I can keep making money after the year

  • A house
    A car
    Pay off bills.
    A garage
    Swimming pool in doors
    Basketball court in doors

  • nope I don't have such :O

  • Only bitcoin.

  • Buy my girlfriend a diamond get some cars get a mansion make it reign

    • πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

    • Id buy an island

    • And then buy whatever my girlfriend wants because I dont want much

  • I'd make/buy a lot of big ranches and put all the stray dogs there and have homeless people work for me to keep the place looking good it's not charity if I give them jobs and pay them like regular folk