My mom is breaking my phone Advice?

My mom dropped her phone in the toilet and it has water damage I am currently attempting to save it by putting it in rice and drying the phone out. My mom is new to technology, but she thinks that she knows everything (when she does not). I explained to my mom about the whole "getting a phone wet" process she blames me for her phone not working. I told her that it is going to take 2 days, but she keeps asking me every five minutes"if her phone is working yet"non stop even when I am sleeping. My mom decided that until she gets her phone to start working she is going to share (takeover) my cell phone. I have no problem letting my mom use my cell phone, but she has gone overboard with itShe calls all of her friends and talks to them for hours and hours gave everyone in the city that she knows my phone number telling them to call her on my phone because she is not going to have her phone for 2 months so I have strange people that I do not know calling me all day long bothering me. My mom has managed to call everyone in my contacts (all 287 of them) and hung up or left them strange voicemails so I have people calling me getting mad at me for calling them. She has read all of my text messages and deleted a whole lot of my contacts. She has gone through my social media accounts posting things and spying on people's accounts. She has messed up a lot of my important files and documents. She has no idea how to use my phone or what she is doing all she does is press buttons over and over again making things worse. When I try to help her do something on my phone she yells at me telling me "I'm Not stupid I know what I am doing... don't touch the phone". She took my 200 dollar expensive 100% indestrutable cell phone case off my phone because she said "I didn't like the way it looked" or "It didn't fit in my purse" and dropped my phone 20 times in the 48 hours she has had it scratched my phone and cracked the screen. I can't take it anymore Advice?


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  • ... Woah your mom is going crazy. Please tell her in a gentle way that she needs to buy a new phone and stop using yours, explain whatever you need to about what damage she's done to the screen and confront her about leaving messages to your contacts.

    Convince her to buy her own new phone so she'll leave you alone, or negotiate to the best of your ability. Worst case take your phone back by force and give her excuses about why you need it for school, etc.

    Good luck, but some people just can't listen. It's not uncommon to be ignored bc you're younger and know more about a topic.

  • Lay claim to it. That phone is yours not hers and buy her a cheap indestructible Nokia phone so she can go on dropping it to her heart's content. Or move out.

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