WTH is wrong with my dad?

He had a stroke not too long ago and I've been trying to keep my cool around him. We've not always seen eye to eye and he does frustrate me at times. I've been trying to fix the ties between us and be happy/supportive around him.

So he comes in my room telling me he has made an appointment at the dentist to check up my jaw. I only mentioned last night that I was concerned about it and would make an appointment myself if I felt I had to. I tell him thank you for making it but he didn't have/need to. He then acts all pissed off with me like I've hurt his feelings or something.

I appreciate that he had the sympathy to make it, but he didn't have to and I'm an adult myself, who can make his own decisions.


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  • Just realize... He was only trying to help you, even if it came across mis-guided.
    No one in life loves you as much as your parents ( assuming your from a stable/balanced family ) even though they don't always seem to show it

    My dad passed last year, I would kill to be in your shoes

    • I KNOW he was, that's what I told him... that he didn't have/need to do it. I tried my hardest not to act like a knob, but he just reacted in a rather aggressive way.

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    • Probably. I didn't react badly at all. I didn't raise my voice, I just told him I appreciated it but there was no need.

    • Yeah, probably wasn't the reaction he was hoping for