Do you think the software glitch that allowed Clinton and Sanders to access each others campaign files was planted by the DNC to purpose?

Their was a glitch in the DNC's servers that allowed Clinton and Sanders to see each others campagin infromation. To me It seems pretty fishy the whole glitch happened right after Sanders recived two major endorsements and 2 million donations, cuses of the glitch and campagin staffer, Sander's campagin is suspended from accessing the DNC voter database.


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  • I was about to ask this question and tag you in it!

    I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but I do think something might be planted.

    However, big big however, because the person was fired and he had nothing to do with it, I don't think this will affect his campaign in the least (except maybe get him more support)

    So, I'm not worried about this at all for those reasons.

    • Well if something was planted by the DNC (Which I think their was) it backfired as this is the most corporate news coverage Sanders has gotten since his campaign started. I agree, it diffidently will get him more support and donations. On thought that crossed my mind is why in the hell didn't the DNC question and investigate the Clinton campaign, on wait that's right, Killary is the DNC's chosen one.

    • Haha, I could truly see her as the chosen one.

    • Thanks man :)

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  • I generally don't think people are smart enough to pull of conspiracies.


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  • Yes, of course. The Democrats are panicking about this next election, Obama has built a socialist country in the time he has been in office, and all that building would come to an end if Cruz or Trump take over office; and that is the last thing they want. They will do anything possible to get the upper hand. This election should be interesting

    • It has nothing to do with Cruz or Trump as Sanders beats both of them along with the other republicans in a general election, it comes down to Clinton being the chosen one, and Sanders is a threat to their chosen one getting elected.

    • Most of those statistics are from both the political committees themselves, which I don't really call facts. What makes you think they win in a long shot? there is only two people to choose from in the Democratic party, so naturally there percentage is higher compared to the republicans where there votes are more spread out, but ultimately will go up. But I think they are scared of the republican party, so they are loading up. just my opinion

    • Actually their is three in the democratic party to choose from.