GAG'ers, give an example of something delicate you said or did to someone and how you managed to correct it?

This happens to all of us from time to time: you meant to compliment someone but later discover the double meaning of your words... after they have remained silent for 3 days.

Or you speak another language, mix up two words and ask someone if they have a nasty desease when you meant to ask if they'd like to drink coffee with you :o :o

Once upon a time I asked a collegue who went home very early on a Friday "finished?" with a naughty smile... to be informed 5 minutes later the company had fired her :-(
Fortunately she didn't blame me, when she came back to pick up some stuff we had a good chat :D


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  • Try to apologize.

    • You mean you chose the wrong words to do it?
      I would always welcome an apology... I've never sent someone away who had done something stupid but came with a genuine apology.

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