Girls, Anyone here from Ontario, Canada?


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  • This is not a dating website. Try Tinder or OkCupid.

    • Lol I'm aware. Thus it's in category of Other. Just want know how many fellow Canadians are here :)

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    • I am Canadian you dingbat and I have been stalked by someone from this website.

    • Again don't automially assume all men are alike, there are true men and then there is trash who abuse woman, stalk woman and use them. I don't fall into that category. However it was your own fault for saying "very specific location" no matter how you look at it saying in from Ontario is not saying what city your from.

      The original question was how many people here are from Ontario. I did not ask how many people here are from Toronto or Ottawa I asked from Ontario thus allowing upmost privacy given how massive Ontario is.

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