For a diamond worth $100 million would you engage in a fight with one of these for 5 minutes?

Would you either

Jump into a pit naked full of golden Lanceheads with a mop stick to fight with then pulled out or

Thrown into a room with 3 rabid tigers and given a metal bat to fight with and then the tigers would be tranqulized and you would be pulled out.

lol crickets
lol filler


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  • Your back at it again?

    • Lol what do you mean?

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    • Who?

    • ? ? ? ? ? ?

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  • Rabid tigers, 5 minutes I've got this, give me my millions!

    • Lol okay. Do you think you'll survive?

    • I swing a sword as a hobby, if I got into a corner, and held my ground I would stand a chance. It's if they got behind you that you'd be dead. Realize the technique for fighting multiple opponents is to kill or incapacitate each one as quickly as possible then go on to the next, as they are tigers, they might (and I stress might) turn on the injured ones as they are a weaker target. So hopefully you take one out, and have to deal with just 1. A bat is a great weapon to break bones with, jaws, and neck would be your targets, as that is what is "closest to you and offends you the most".

  • Um, rabid tigers

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