Am I allowed to have fun even when i'm just 19 and a mother?

My daughter is a year old and i spend everyday with her since she was born. I never thought of having fun outside because I've been taking of her with my mom's help of course. I study in college and my life's awesome but i want to have fun with others and my friends like before. And whenever i want to do this i keep thinking that i'm not allowed to have fun anymore.


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  • You are allowed to have fun no matter what age you are, just because your a mum doesn't change your morals, or your value in responsibilities. You need your you time, even if just for a night x

  • You can, it's just different from before. Not as often and of course arranging child care and not going if you can't find appropriate child care. Parents do still do things though, your life doesn't have to be over.

  • Welcome to young motherhood. You have to take care of your child and everything else that's important. For the most part, "fun" is on the back burner.

    • I'm taking care of her all the time but i feel that i need a break or something like that

    • You may be able to hire a babysitter and ask your mom to take her for an evening every once in a while so you can have a breather and a chance to relax

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