Is it a bad idea to contact a guy just to have someone to hook up with or someone to go out drinking with?

So i met this guy around 1-3 years ago by Facebook where he started poking me, so poked back, then he messaged me etc. Long story short, after 2 months of barely talking we saw a movie togeheter.

He was a nice guy, he was average looking (kinda cute) and we had some things in common. The date when pretty well, But he would do this: he would ask if i wanted to hang out, asked me when, but when the day came I didn't hear anything from him. This happened 2-3 times before i told him i wasn't interested in meeting him anymore (this was before the first meeting). He started asking why, so i explained it to him, and after that he bough movie tickets and told me he was sorry.

But even after that first and good meeting he did the same thing, so i stoped messaging him all togheter and haven't spoken since then.

Now i realise that i should have asked if we still had plans when the day came because me not checking if we had plans or not could be transelated into me not being interested.

Anyway, im home for the holidays, i dont really see any of my friends after i broke it off it our mutual friend, im a bit lonely and i saw him on tinder, and a part of me actually consdiers contacting him either just to have someone to go out with or for a hook up (not sex).

Is this a bad idea?


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  • No. Just be safe and smart about it.

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