I feel very upset and I think I'm depressed help?

I have a lot of problems and I'm exhausted really exhausted I don't know how to handle all these problems and my financial status is very bad should I go to doc to discuss my situation and what I feel?


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  • Isn't everyone? Maybe not, but a lot are. Personally I think everything revolves around politics. That's why I want to get rid off all the bad politicians and vote in Ted Cruz.

    At any rate, move to a cheaper place, do things cheaper over all. Cheaper cell phone, eat out less if you do, you know.

    • The last time I ate outside was before 3 weeks I see few people if any are in my situation maybe I just focus on the bad side but I'm really depressed this week I feel very tired damn

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    • Haha damn but it's really funny animation

    • Yeah, but seriously, my heart was going... BAM... BAM... BAM!!! for hours on end, no sleep for like 2 days, then it ended after pinky and the brain... go figure.

  • I am sorry, if you want to talk, I'll be willing to listen.

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