Airport procedure. Please help?

I'm planning of travelling to India from London Heathrow airport. This is going to be my first time and I don't have an idea about how to go through the airport procedure. In which case I suppose I will need somebody to guide me. I know people like me with no knowledge of how to pass the procedure has a person to guide them at the airport. I just want to know do you need to make a booking for them with extra cost? If so then how?
I will be very great full if anyone could answer me this please. thanks.

Also what do you call these people who guides you at the airport?

I know this is a stupid question but I need to know this


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  • You don't need a guide. It's super easy. You just go to the check-in and drop your suitcases there. They'll give you your boarding card. Then you go through the security check. After that, you just look at your boarding card where it will say what gate and what number of exit you have to go to. For example "Gate B Exit 3". You really can't miss it. There's signs all over the place. In the worst of cases, you can just ask a store clerk or a police officer or even a fellow passenger "excuse me, where's gate B?" They will show you. You can't go wrong. Airports are usually organized in a way that once you follow a sign, you will definitely get to where you want (there are no crossroads or stuff like that, just a straight path). There's really no use in paying money to a guide.

  • it's really easy. I don't know how airports in london/uk run, but they are generally split up into terminals and each airline has their own section. you have your ticket that says the terminal and airline. you just need to find it to get to where you need to be dropped off (in the departure section). after that, you see a long ass line to drop your bag off. it will be obvious as hell. try to get it to 1 bag to take. then you have your carryon that you take with you. once you get past that, go to the other long ass line where you go through security. again, it'll be obvious because everyone is going there. make sure you have your id, obviously. they'll give you more specifics, but generally, you can't really check through liquids, sharp objects, take metal out of your pockets and computer out of your bag.

    once you get through that mess, you're fine and just have to wait for your flight. you'll have a shit ton of down time so you'll have time to eat, shop, probably sleep, relax, explore, whatever you want. then when you are about to board (they'll make an announcement), they'll all you by section. that depends on which airline, but again, it'll say on the ticket.

    it's really easy. the airport will guide you through it and just follow the other sheeple :D

  • You don't have to worry at all. The airport staff will guide you at every step. I have travelled alone by flight even as a 7 year old kid, and the staff were so helpful and friendly. You don't even need to make a booking for them, and it doesn't cost extra. It's their JOB to assist people.


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