Anyone else a total insomniac? What are you doing to pass the night besides messing around on GaG?


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  • Usually troll omegle, watch youtube, or sit outside and listen to music until the sun comes up.
    Then i crash until 2PM

    • Haha that's exactly what I did yesterday morning... i watched the sun come up sitting on my stoop while listening to a lot of reggae jams

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    • Cool I'll check it out! Yeah I stayed up all day and now night... i should be tired but I'm not lol. What time did u get up?

    • I woke up around 9 but started having an anxiety attack so i coaxed myself back to sleep.
      Woke up again at 10 and my stomach started hurting, probably because i hadn't eaten in over 14 hours, then went back to sleep until 12, when i AGAIN had an anxiety attack but i knew i had to just get up and face it because i had a religious meeting at 4 and i had to at least get up and get ready.
      My boyfriend had some bad news for me so i had another anxiety attack, and I've been inbetween tears, anxiousness, and laughing at things i keep finding since about 4 hours ago :)
      And that's pretty cool/unfortunate, i know i'd probably be a zombie by now if i were you lol

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  • I just listen to TLC! haha I also read my book!


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