Should I blow people off when they ask me about my tattoos?

let me start off by saying that i do have qite a bit. i have my entire left arm sleeveed, i have one on my right arm (working on my other sleeve). a tattoo across my chest and one big one on the back of my neck.

for me, its rude when people i dont know like at a bar or a party or something to just start rolling up my sleeve and ask me what my tattoos mean. like do you think im actually gonna tell you, random person at a party? these tattoos are life stories with extremely deep meanings.

but on the other hand, should i really be surprized? surprized that people ask and surprized that people dont understand?

someone with tattoos on my level has never asked me, nor have i ever dared to ask them because i know how much they mean to them. its like reading someones diary.. sometimes even more serious.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I mean I understand you feel that your tattoos are personal and that they're a diary for you but it's something you put out there for the world to see. I think it is rude for someone just to roll up your sleeve! At the same time I don't think it's ride for someone to ask you, if it's in a visible places it's unavoidable for someone to ask you.


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  • Its an art form. People like seeing them and hearing the stories behind them. Know rolling up your sleeves and trying to look at them is getting up in your business too much lol. I would just say Hey buddy I like your tats. What made you decide to get that lion on your arm or whatever lol