Is he taking some kind of revenge on me?

Basically there is this man I been seeing for a year now and I haven't really treated him very good but I only thought with was friends with benefits anyway I was accusing him of giving me two stds. I have accused him whole time and stopped talking to him for two months and then we started again he took a test and come back negative. I slept with someone else too and I have recently found out it was someone else. But I geniuenly thought the other man I slept with would have nothing and he was a very close friend who I trusted. Anyway I this man I like came to see me at club other week and I literally just went crazy and was telling him to fxxk off home infront of his mates and calling him names in front of everyone. I feel so bad for what I did but it's done. I have appoligised anyway he hasn't been same since. He never really talks to me that much he came stay with me after then keeps texting me u okay every now and then and when I reply he ignores me. He also said he will let me no what time he could stay with me and he didn't bother just texted me after the day he was meant to be staying and said he was ill then text me again couple days later wait for me to reply then blank me. Why does he keep doing this stuff? He text me first aswel what is the point? Why does he not just text me at all


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  • He should forget you exist and never contact you again


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