Is windows ten any good?

I have been told different things.

After using it for over a week now I think it's okay
it's still going well.
I know 2 months on


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  • I have a lot of reasons not to like it and can't really describe without pictures. But here we go:
    1) The settings are a mess, they have the new window style, but everything (buttons/labels) is way too big (designed for tablets), and many advanced options redirect you to the old control pannel settings, which is a TERRIBle user experience, cause the visuals are totally different.

    2) The original version doesn't allow collored window bars, which means that all windows are white, and when you have 2 windows opened, for example with a text box in each one, you can't tell which window is selected because there is no color, apart from a ONE pixel tiny shadow around the selected one.
    (They fixed this with a new build, but it's grdually being updated and most computers don't have that update available yet (mine included))

    3) You can no longer install unsigned drivers without rebooting it with control + shift and select an appropriate option on boot to allow this.

    4) Even if you disable windows defender (which makes it slow as fuck in old machines like mine) it always finds a way to restart itself after a few hours.

    5) You can't disable automatic updates (which is bad in limited traffic connections) without making some registry tweeks

    6) The icons are SIMPLY TERRIBLE. They went from professional, to like kids cartoons, really horrible (but i'm used to them now...)

    7) the mail app is buggy showing a number of unread messages, even after you read them all, and takes a while to sync (never had problems in win8)

    8) I've experienced a few bluescreens, but it's an old computer, so I don't really blame windows.. it also had happened with win8 and 7 and vista

    Apart from this it has a few good things:
    1) It's easier to divide the screen suggesting the windows to put side by side (I disbaled this, cause it's one more step that most of the time, I don't want to do, as I just want to ajust/pin ONe window)

    2) It has virtual desktops like ubuntu, but they put the button quite hidden in a corner, instead of being on the center of the screen, and it's distracting, cause you forget the programs that are already open in other screens... I think nobody uses that thing... me included

    3) It comes with Cortana if you have the English version

    4) The old start menu is back.. (everybody loves this.. but I'm agnostic, I liked both win7, win8 and win10 start menus

    5) The store apps now run in window mode, and that is much better than the fixed full or splitted screen

    • As an operating system, it's suposed to have the most advanced memory management from all windows so far. And will have continuous updates, like they say, there won't be windows 11, it's going to be continued with updates, like that new build I mentioned with the colors. A friend of mine got that update, and it's basically a new system install... it took more than one hour, and installed windows again keeping user's preferences and created the famous folder Windows. old if you're familliar with that. So that update was a complete new system install, just so you get the idea here.

    • I also think they made a mess with Microsoft Edge.. because they announced it, but kept both Edge and Internet explorer... I think that when they make such a fuss about a new browser, at least replace the old one, and don't ship both of them.

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  • I updated last summer. For a while it was updating all the fricking time, but lately it's not been so much. I like it, but I think there are some bugs. I have some desktop icons that I can't even put in the recycle bin because they were on my desktop before the upgrade to W-10. I get an error message when I try to put them in the bin. I read in some forums that it's a problem that not just I have. But overall I'm glad I did the upgrade to 10.

  • It seems like the same to me. Once again it seems like an OS that was first engineered for a mobile environment and then later modified for desktop.

  • It depends on how you look at it, Windows 10 is a massive piece of spyware with heavy privacy concerns...

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