What to do in the home counties as an employed graduate?

So I took up a job in Surrey but don't know many people round here and don't know how to meet people - it's not like uni where there's things thrown at you and clubs to join etc.

The job is quite professional so there's not much socialising among colleagues and tbh, we see eachother 40 hours a week!

I'm really thinking of taking something up in the New Year but I'm not sure what and some stuff requires a certain level of experience.

Like I was thinking of taking up Badminton but was hoping to meet other young 20 somethings but it seems they want you to be a certain standard.

Anyone got any ideas? Semi-regretting not moving to a city but I was able to save on rent by moving home... catch 22


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  • Try local bars, clubs, art galleries?


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  • Although i'm nto from surrey i'd quite like to know this too as i'll be moving to Chelmsford soon and be in the same situation