Am I lazy for not going out today?

I have a really painful cold sore under my lip and It hurts too much to brush my teeth and I barely can speak. I have to keep my mouth wide open or it's just too painful. I haven't gotten one in over a year I just get it when I'm stressed out. I think it happened because of finals. I stayed in last night too. Anyways I feel like I should be out doing something like going to the gym and taking care of stuff. Is having this painful of a coldsore a justified reason to stay inside?

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What Girls Said 1

  • Go get some acyclovir cream, and take some anti-inflammatories. That should get it down enough to do what you need to. If it still hurts, try some bonjela directly on the cold sore.

    • Having my sister buy some right now already at the store thanks

What Guys Said 2

  • bruh, you have a sore. you didn't break your kneecap. don't be a bitch.

    • Brah... I can't speak. I've had serious injuries in the past. This is more painful and annoying.

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    • Yeah man it's that painful lol. There is friction when you put your lips together.

    • *can't talk or walk or move the rest of your body

  • Sorry, but if u do nothing when u are able too... Its lazyness.. It shouldn't hurt to move your arms and legs... Its okay to be lazy, but only a day out of every 2 weeks or so...

    • It's just awkward to talk and speak man. Any friction against it like my other lip is just painful. I can't drink anything either. Can't brush my teeth really.

    • I never get them, so I don't know what they are like.. But u can clean your room/house.. Yardwork... Clean the car... By the end of everyday, u should be able to say you are in a little better position than where you started in the morning...