I think my former boyfriend wants to "rubb it in my face" that im not hanging out with them? Am I being paranoid?

So it seems like every holiday my friends seems to happen to publish a lot of pics on what they are doing on facebook and on snapchat.

Im suspecting it has something to do with my former bestfriend who i broke it off with earlier this year. Now its Christmas holdiay, everyone is home and they want to hang out togehtere. by the way "they" are my former best friend and I mutual friends.

They rarely, if ever, post things about stuff thats going on, But when my former Best friend is in town i get many snaps on them hanging out, and they add a lot of pics on snapchat story etc.. I can't help but assume she has told them to add these kind of things to "rubb it in my face" that she is hanging out with them and im not.

Am i just being super paranoid about it?

Best friend, not boyfriend!!
And its not that she is hanging out with them that bothers me, its more the fact that she is trying to make me feel bad


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  • Its possible. She could be trying to make herself feel better about the fact that you guys are no longer friends. When my best friend dumped me I don't think she cared but it took me 3-4 years to get over the situation.

    • oh i see.. im sorry to hear that! But it makes sense..

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  • You know her better. If she's the petty type, could be it. If she's just normal, i don't think that's it.

    • well im not sure... i have never experienced her after being dumped by a friend..

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    • maybe sometimes.. she was more petty towards me if that makes sense.

    • Yea she's probably doing it for that then. Just pretend you don't notice and don't mention it to your mutual friends either. Kill her with silence lol.