Do you think it's wrong to judge women solely on their physical appearance?

Assume they have a great personality and everything else...

I don't think it's even possible NOT to, and girls know it too... That's why they put so much effort into their appearance...

What do you think?


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  • I don't think it's right, however it's not avoidable all the time. Also I put effort into my appearance because it does make me feel a certain way about myself and more confident. You can't help it if you see a pretty or beautiful girl, you don't know them you just know what they look like. But I do think its wrong to say "oh she looks like a bitch" etc.

    • No one ever said she looked like a bitch...

      But it's humanly impossible not to think that she's one fine piece of ass...

    • Who are we referring to? I'm just saying an example! Because i hear that all the time when I'm out and people are talking about other people. I definitely think its okay to think people are attractive

    • It's pretty impossible not to...

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  • I hope it is not just mean but every single one of your posts just screams "I have no idea how to communicate with people, and my failed attempts to do so have made me frustrated and bitter."

    • I didn't understand the first part...

      Do you think it's wrong or not?

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    • That's cool...

    • Yes I suppose it is. My girlfriend may not have much formal education but she is brilliant in ways that I have a hard time with and she is sexy as hell.

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  • Of course its wrong. I don't judge guys by their appearance so any guy who judges girls is just a bad person in general.


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