If I get obsessed with girls?

Would that be considered mentally unstable


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  • I'd wonder where the obsession would come from. Insecurities? Most of the time obsession starts when you deny something and your brain is trying to tell you the opposite.

    • So if I'm insecure and afraid to talk to girls

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    • So if I wanna feel good about myself what's wrong with that my whole life I been called ugly and repulsive I'm 24 and never had a girlfriend this is ruining my life

    • And also I have already been through counciling

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  • It's hormonal. But in a way, yes, it's a little mentally unstable because we are built that way.

    If we didn't put logic and self interest aside during our peak mating years, our species would probably die out

    • Yeah I just think about girls all the time

  • Depends on what exactly you define as an obsession.

    • Like every crush I've gotten on a girl I just obsess over them but I'm too scared to approach

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