When I walk by couples?

Usually when there is a couple near me the man will pull his woman close and kiss or hug her like wtf or the woman will pull her man next to her lol it seems like they do this intenslowhen I'm near every time


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  • Are you staring?

    • Not at all

    • Are you sure? Cuz i would say you come off as a "threat"... If u are the person that asked why people stare at you, then you are probly drop dead gorgeou

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  • This happened to me the other day.
    I saw a guy who was hitting on me while he's in a relationship walking with her girlfriend at school. I tried to be on my phone minding my own business but he stared at me like the idiot he is. When I turn around because we were walking in opposite direction and had already passed me by, I see the girl all over him. Hugging him and kissing him and he was just... there.
    This friend the dick and I have in common told me his girl is never so affectionate like that so it was probably because she got jealous or whatever
    It makes sense, it you think about it but I still don't get why girls are like this. Like, I'm not trying to steal his guy or anything.

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