Why don't adults trust me?

My best friend's told me that her parents both think I'm "untrustworthy" and "crazy." I guess I can understand why they might say crazy; she's very introverted while I'm talkative and energetic. Even so, I don't think "crazy" is the word to describe me because I don't do anything bad. My boyfriend told me that his mom doesn't trust me either. At first we just figured it was because I was too shy to talk to her, so I kind of avoided her for a while. Since then I've been to his house, and I have talked to her and his dad, but she still doesn't seem to trust me. I am really lost as to why they don't trust me. I don't do anything bad honestly. I'm in ap classes and have straight A's, I play sports, I'm not mean or anything. My parents trust me. It really hurts my feelings too because I have never done anything to make them think this. I've been told I'm charming. Maybe I'm too charming, and it makes them wonder? What if it's because I don't like making eye contact? I tend to have trouble with it; it makes me uncomfortable. I'm starting to wonder if it's my race because I am lost as to why they don't trust me and that is one thing both my boyfriend's parents and my best friend's parents do not have in common with me. It's just really bothering me. They're like my two favorite people; I'd never intentionally hurt them.


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  • Mothers are always weary about their son's or daughter's significant other. Your charm maybe too much and thus, these people think you have ulterior motives.


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