Girls, which do you find more attractive/appealing?

A Mohawk -
Girls, which do you find more attractive/appealing?
or a Handlebar Mustashe (with or without a beard)-

Or maybe you detest both, if so which could you tolerate more, which is the lesser of 2 evils if you view it that way?

  • A Mohawk
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  • A Handlebar Mustache
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Obviously this is a very serious poll...
I have one of these styles, if my style loses in the poll I'm changing it...


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  • Don't like both, but I can be lenient with a handlebar moustache.. My mate has a Mohawk, when he doesn't have it all done up, it looks like road kill on his head, I give him the shits about it all the time

    • Are you hoping you are going to convince him to cut it off/grow out the sides?

      My one friend rips into me about the my handlebar mustache/beard combo all the time so much so I might punch him in the face the next time he does it... so that approach doesn't really work, he might act like me and just dig his heels into the ground when confronted about it. It's hard changing someones mind or getting them to change, people get attached to things and have a hard time letting go, I should know - I'm one of those people.

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    • I can see where you are coming from

    • Yeah, I'm still mad at him for doing that.

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  • I'm generally not a fan of mustaches, but I'm not gonna lie some guys can really pull them off like the dewd in the pic lol.

    • Not going to lie, if the Mohawk wins this poll I'm probably going to trim my Handlebar Mustache to something else.

  • A Mohawk! THAT SO ROCK AND ROLL MAN! Do it for the music man!

    • lol I should have tried a mohawk while I still had the handlebar mustache...

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    • I wanted to look more attractive because I'm sexually frustrated but nothing has really changed... makes me kind of miss the handlebar mustache. I'm might grow it back out again though.

    • Aren't we all.

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