Do you believe a singer would respond to the invitation of a hater if he/she called him/her out to face each other in a duel to settle things?

I mean…. would he/she come ALONE widout his/her bodyguards?

Singers and celebs in general have a rep for being sissies hidin behind their guards asses actually... ;p

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  • What exactly does the celebrity need to settle?
    It's the butthurt hater that has a problem with them, not the other way around.

    Of course they wouldn't, but it has nothing to do with cowardice and everything to do with the hater being pathetic and not worth their time.

    If I was a celebrity and some dinlow "challenged" me, I'd just laugh at their primitive behaviour and utter stupidity.

    • Personally i'd go there if i was invited... for 2 reasons:

      - I wouldn't wanna betray ma fans and think i'm some coward...
      - I'd prove to dat hater i'm not such a pussy to chicken out...

      There u have it... ;)

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    • do u have any fav celebs? wot do they do when they get called out?

    • I don't know, keeping up with the lives of celebrities is extremely tedious.

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  • The singer is usually of an higher social status thus they stand to lose more if they respond to the whims of every hater.


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  • They don't accept the "challenge" because you don't matter to them. I wouldn't respond to such a thing, it's juvenile.


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