Do I have a right to be annoyed with my uni friends?

Long story short, I couldn't graduate with the rest of my uni class last week. I told one girl in my class about it, even though I really didn't want to. I didn't say anything to the others cause I was too ashamed about failing and was scared of what other people would say to me. I asked the friend I told not to tell anyone else on the day where I was, and that they could ask me if they wanted to know. I texted this same friend the day before the ceremony to say good luck (even though it really hurt me to do so), and she did not ask how I was.
Fast forward to the day of the ceremony, and I didn't go cause it would've been too much for me to handle. Not one of the girls in my uni class asked how or where I was. Not a single one. I spent much of the day before rocking back and forth on the floor, staring out the window, wandering around the house aimlessly and crying (sometimes a combination of the lot). It was awful seeing pictures of everyone on Facebook all dressed up and excited about finishing, when I have to wait until this time next year for the same. It's left me wondering when it'll be my turn for something good to happen (which I have a feeling won't be anytime soon).

if I was three graduating and saw someone was missing, I would text them and ask if they were ok. I would check on them and make such everything was fine. Am I right to be annoyed and a bit angry/sad that they didn't ask or check how I was? Do people think I should say something, or just keep my mouth shut?


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  • " or just keep my mouth shut?" I'd keep my mouth if I were you + I'm guessing that they were either having too much fun or didn't want to upset ya even more on those 2 days (or come off as "throwing it" in your face). Which is why they decided to leave you alone. Cuz no matter what they said "that wouldn't change the reality of your situation", right? Until next year you can't change this "uni graduation" problem thingy.

    • But here's the thing - all bar one knew what had happened, so how could they have know if they would've upset me or not? It upset me more than no one bothered or cared enough to check if I was ok

    • I hear ya, but it ain't no telling how ___ is going to respond to you in these kinds of situations, right? I mean they could scream at ya or be happy that ya checked in on them. If ____ screamed at me after I checked in on them.. I'd scream back and before ya know it we'd probably fight or just being friends after that.

      Which is why I'd rather let them "have some alone time for a while" before talking about ____.

    • I'd scream back and before ya know it, we'd probably be fighting or not even friends after that. *

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