Can you name top 10 things on your bucket list?

1. Go to Japan
2. Help build a school in Pakistan
3. Publish more than 1 book
4. Meet Tom Hiddleston (lol)
5. Meet Harshlycritical (YouTuber haha ☺️)
6. Learn how to dance
7. Go to Italy
8. Make a difference in many people's lives as possible
9. Save someone's life
10. Climb any mountain


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  • 1) Learn Salsa
    2) Travel all around the world
    3) Becoming a surgeon
    4) Adopt a dog
    5) Be nicer
    6) Sharing more
    7) Having a lot of confidence
    8) Exercising more
    9) Read more
    10) Make everybody around me happy


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  • 1. Hug @MissNowhere
    2. Go to Japan
    3. Go to Korea
    4. Own a Porsche
    5. Own a house of my own
    6. Get toned enough to have my shy abs come out from hiding
    7. Teach my pup more tricks
    8. Adopt a husky
    9. Get into my career job
    10. Find true happiness

  • 1. Start and Own a Video Game Bar
    2. Start my own productions business that out-competes Marvel and DC Comics
    3. Visit Japan
    4. Retire out as a hermit in the woods with a fully self-sustained cabin that grows food. Any excess is donated to a nearby town.
    5. Find a dominant long-term girlfriend with little to no limits when it comes to sex.
    6. Visit Japan
    7. Have my own anime show made
    8. Gain the confidence to approach any woman without hesitation
    9. Achieve a healthy body
    10. Fuck a girl on Tinder.

  • 1- go bungie jumping
    2- go skydiving
    3- go to a super bowl
    4- go to a final 4 matchup
    5- watch a rivalry game vs alabama or florida game in neyland stadium
    6- go to a cowboys game in arlington
    7- visit at least 3 countries in every continent
    8- drive across america for 2 months/visit all 50 states
    9- move to the beach
    10- climb a mountain

  • Visit Iceland, learn to speak Icelandic fluently, finish my new album, move to Iceland, visit all other Scandinavian countries, overcome my fear of flying, visit all continents, learn more languages, eat all kinds of pasta, make a difference in the world

  • 1) Go pro
    2) Sack Tony romo
    3) win Superbowl
    4) Make records for sacks
    5) Be more jacked
    6) have sports drink after me

  • 1) Go back to Maycomb, and ask Boo for forgiveness.
    2) build a school for witchcraft and wizardry
    3) publish a Encyclopedia Galactica that encompasses all of humanity's knowledge and culture.
    4) buy a DeLorean and attach a flux capacitor to it.
    5) round up a bunch of kids and force them into a dead battle royale.
    6) save the city from an psychopathic clown.
    7) protect the farm from Napoleon and his corrupt version of animalism
    8) help a brother out, by traveling with him to mordor so he can get rid of his engagement ring
    9) ask the ferryman how to find wisdom
    10) Go to NewYork and win back Daisy.

  • 1. Build a space elevator
    2. Get my physics PhD
    3. Deadlift 800 lbs
    4. Squat 600 lbs
    5. Bench 450 lbs
    6. Be a billionaire
    7. Marry a hot, caring woman.
    8. Live to be older than 100.
    9. Buy my dad a very expensive supercar.
    10. Walk on the Moon.

  • 1) write a bucket list


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  • 1. Buy a house
    2. Adopt 2 children
    3. Go to Italy
    4. Learn Sign Language
    5. Create My Own Cookbook
    6. Publish a Photography book of my own photos
    7. Create a College Fund for my nephew
    8. Get Married
    9. Volunteer More
    10. Go to New York for my birthday

  • 1) Get Married to the Love of my life
    2) Improve my Body
    3) Become a Lawyer
    4) Swim with a Dolphin
    4) Watch the Aurora Borealis
    5) Make my parents and family Happy
    6) Have Kids
    7) Travel around the world
    8) Learn about all the traditions of my country
    9) Become a good cook
    10) Do something Humanitarian

  • I don't know if I have 10 things

    1 - run a thoroughbred on the track
    2 - Go to Bora Bora
    3 - Backpack through Europe.

  • Japan. It's always Japan. Lol. As for myself...
    -Complete and publish a book.
    -Travel abroad.
    -Reach total fluency in at least one other language. I almost reached fluency in French but it's been a few years since I've had to speak it, so I have to re-learn a lot of things. I also have to reach some sort of fluency in Spanish if I'm going to stay with my boyfriend, and he wants to visit/ live in Japan so if I'm going to follow him there, I have to learn Japanese too. I love languages though ❀️

  • 1) get married and have a family
    2) finally lose my virginity
    3) buy a huge beautiful historical brick home with secret passages.
    4) possibly be with another girl (if my relationship now fails BUT I HOPE IT won't.
    5) become an author
    6) sell my music or become a musician
    7) try every flavor of ice cream at handles
    8) adopt a baby
    9) buy a horse
    10) get a HUGE dog!

  • 1) Get married to a sweet guy
    2) do something more in my field ( engineering)
    3) Serve the humanity esp children
    I also have a dream of building a charity school in my country Pakistan. Do come over and we will make it happen together. I will let yoi stay at my place too πŸ˜€

  • I don't have a bucket list 😝

  • 1. Be at a beach bonfire with friends
    2. Read 100 books
    3. Go surfing
    4. Go hiking
    5. Conquer my phobia of spiders (don't see this one happening lol)
    6. Ride on the back of a motercycle
    7. Skydiving
    8. Hold a surprise party
    9. Choose a random place on a map with blindfold on, and go there
    10. Bungeejumping

  • Travel
    Get a photo published in a big time mag or a book
    Fall in love
    Scuba dive in Bonaire
    Sky dive
    Sail around the world (not literally around the world, but just all over the world)

  • 1. Have sex with more than 30 guys (only 14 until now)
    2. Have sex with a black guy
    3. Have sex with a seminarian (did once and would like to repeat it, they're so freaky)
    4. Take a boy's virginity
    5. Be tied up while he whips me with a strap
    6. Tie someone up
    7. Sex with someone older (like 20 years older than me)
    8. Sex in the ocean
    9. Silent sex in a full house
    10. I wanna go to Italy too, and fuck some Italian boys