Girls, Is this girl ashamed of herself or something?

So there's this girl that works in my local mall. She works in a coffee shop. Now I'm wealthy, I am probably the most richest guy in the whole place. Sometimes I wear very expensive clothes because I'm on my way to meeting clients. This girl though has from the get go been strange. She's bumped me and stood close to me and after that she's looked down and even gone oh no and went to hide herself when I've walked past her. She smiles and smiles. I smiled back but she hides her face. She keeps hiding. I have seen her and she seems to be embarrassed even though she smiles at me. She turns red in the face. Today I heard her say "oh my God can you stop coming past?" When I walked past her shop for like the 5th time because I was with a friend and we were in the mall just chilling. She also turns around and has her back to me sometimes. She smiles and then I look at her and she instantly freezes and looks down and gets nervous.
I don't know what her issue is. Maybe you can let me know. Thanks.


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