Choose your ideal type among these?

Choose one among these 4 as your ideal type and please do it honestly, They all are very successful dominating forces.

1) He's a quite guy in school, Very shy but he knows what he wants and goes for it. He dont have lot of friends and only talk to people he really like but He's go-getter, After graduating from school He's gonna skip college and build up his own business and gonna be very successful businessman with many MNCs working under him. He represents recklessness.

2) He's the bookworm one, Very angry because He often is looked down upon by people. He exactly don't feel like he is appericiated for his work but he's top grader in his class and after school he gonne graduate college with flying colors and would later develop himself in software field and gonna do many successful inventions later in his life. He represents brains.

3) He's the tall big athletic guy, Very relentless and have a big social circle, everyone at school love him. He is gonna be one of top prospects in nation and a frat kid every college wants. He is gonna complete his college and go pro and would lead a very successful life and form countless new NFL records in his life and gonna go down as legend. He represents muscles.

4) He's the kid who noone really likes at school, Very mysterious and He don't talk to anyone. He just do his thing and don't really care to indulge in. He's gonna drop out of college in second year but later on in his life, He'd get a huge opportunity and would rise up to be not "one of" but actually the most dominating force in real estates and have a empire built across countries. He represents underdogs.

  • Reckless Businessman
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  • Millionaire Geek
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  • Ultimate Jock
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  • Hidden underdog loner
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And keep in mind you don't know their personalities yet, I've just given you all hints of it. So choose just based on those things I've provided
Anyone else?


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  • 4 & 1

  • None are really appealing. I would have vote for the second one, because I like intelligence in a man (more so than recklessness, muscle, or the one that doesn't care/drops out of things). I dislike that he is so angry... would he be angry with me? I like positive people, so that would make me not vote for him.

    This is tough, since I don't like any. But I voted for the first one.

    • You gotta choose your ideal one or close to your ideal one, and No he's angry because he's looked down upon

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