Ever since the incident I'm afraid of leaving the house?

I should start off with a little background information. I'm 17 and I've been smoking weed daily since I was 15. I have always liked it and enjoyed it anywhere anytime.
A while back I was at a friend's house and we were smoking as always, but eventually I took a hit from a cigarette and all of the sudden my vision got blurry and I felt distant. I felt weird. As if I was tripping on mushrooms (and I have a couple of times). But at this point I wasn't even stoned anymore. But it was a very unpleasent feeling and weeks after it I had a hard time performing like a normal person. I experienced a lot of anxiety. I did however continued smoking pot and now that time has passed I've learned to live my life again.

What has changed though, is that now I prefer to stay at home and smoke on my own in my dark room watching netflix. I do enjoy hanging out with friends but I get anxious when we're about to smoke cause I'm afraid of some fallback. The problem is: I want to enjoy weed again like I used to and not feel afraid of losing my shit. How do I enjoy smoking a fat joint with a friend even if it gets me real stoned and even if we're outside doing nothing? I also get more tired of smoking than I used to. I just want back

My explanation is that I breathed wrong which concluded in a quick beating heart and warm feeling and I got scared so it got worse. Or low blood pressure


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  • Are you sure there wasn't sherm on the cigarette? It would have tasted and smelled diferent than a normal cigarette.. And it would have looked like the cigarette has been in water.. Bu u are also goong to be going through changes at your age

    • No it was my cigarette, nothing happened to it

    • Well, some people say cigarettes increase the high.. I never felt like that, tho... But different strains of weed can give different highs... Sometimes your mentality can get you paranoid etc... I've experienced it a handful of times, but just realize its the weed and relax... Some people get to where everytime they smoke they get anxiety... Just think about cool things when your smoking... But if its illegal where you are, its better to stay out of the public when smoking and stoned... Even if its legal, its still better

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  • Your clearly a lightweight. Jp, it was the CIG man, dnt do those only weed... and share next time

  • You should seek professional help. Although, there is no cure for stupidity.

    • Stupidity? How has it come to that? I hate how some people think people who smoke weed aren't able to perform like someone who doesn't. It's just something to enjoy this cruel life we're all having to deal with, what's the big fucking deal? Just because something isn't morally right or accepted by society, doesn't mean it's bad for you. For real man, the only thing weed has done to me is that it gave me a bigger perspective, it made me more social, it made me happier. Don't say something like that before you have experienced it yourself, please

  • Get some werid impact from smoking weed, have anxiety and other issues -> keep on smoking weed.

    Do I really need to get into detail how that is stupid?

    • Why would I give up something I love cause of one bad experience? I bet you never smoked weed man

    • I have. Its overrated.

      And honestly - you realise it has had negative effects on you by now and you don't intent to change anything. So what is the point of this thread?

    • I do intend to change it. But I know that if I stop smoking weed I will just feel sorry for myself and will continuenly have the idea I can't do it. Maybe I'm wrong or stupid, but I want to stay strong and the only way to do that is to fight for what I want. I want to be a stoner, amd a succesful one. I've managed to do that so far and I'm not ready to give it up

  • Too much drugs messes you up in the head.

  • ...*sigh*...


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