How can I convince my boyfriend that he either needs to get rid of his dog or he needs to get training classes for her?

He has only had this dog for about a year now. He got her from someone who simply didn't want her anymore, for free. She's a little ankle biter, not even sure what breed. But she has nasty habits that I'm assuming she picked up from her last home that we have not been able to break her of no matter what we do. She chews up our furniture and clothing. She has recently began to chew up baseboards. She gets into the trash, no matter where we have it so I'm constantly picking up garbage. She begs 24/7 for the food we are eating and if we try to get her away from the table she will snip at us and the kids. I left a bowl of soap on the counter to cool off while I got the kids their lunch and I walked back in to find this dog on the counter eating out of the bowl I had just set aside. She chews up shoes and shits all over the house; even after just coming back inside from going outdoors. She barks constantly at anything that moves and it has been nearly impossible to sleep with her anywhere in the house because of it. And to top it all off she is now bleeding all over the house from being in heat and my boyfriend doesn't want to spend the extra money to get her fixed. She's always on our tables and counters. She's just a dirty dog all around, period. I have tried training her and nothing works. My boyfriend rarely does. And she never wants to eat regular dog food because her last owners fed her table scraps. She is only 2 years old but I can't handle it anymore.


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  • Yikes.

    This dog needs to be trained from the ground up. Lots of owners of small dogs let them get away with anything because they are so small, so no harm/no foul. This is what the old owners did.

    If he won't invest in training, start with a shock collar and zap her when she gets on the counters. They also sell zap mats you place on the counters so she gets zapped when she jumps up there.

    Crate training is also a very viable option while house training her.

    She WILL eat if she learns no more table scraps. Ever.

    Man, I don't even know where to start. Just remember her bad behavior isn't her fault, it's the other owner's fault. Your man needs to help train her for her own sake.