Does this make me a bad person?

Okay so I got told my ex really likes me again and she regrets everthing bad which happened. After a few days I wasn't so convinced since she didnn't unblock me on social media or anything. Apparently she was scared to friend me again. I told her friend that I'm not so convinced... she said she will give me screenshots and she did of the messaging between her and my ex. I found out my ex loves me through the messages and she was smelling a jumper for hours because it smelt like me... but this was messaging between just my ex and her friend. I didn't ask for the screenshots and this was private messaging obviously. I feel really bad for seeing the screenshots that I weren't meant to see, and I also feel bad for her friend for sending me them. I know how my ex would feel if someone else saw those messages, especially me... In a way, her friend betrayed her in a way, but it's not her intent to hurtt her... she just wanted to prove to me she liked me. I've deleted the messages and screenshots which makes me feel even worse, it feels like I'm guilty and have something to hide


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  • Girls do that all the time. Don't feel bad about it, but look at it like a finger of destiny,
    So do you still like your ex? If you do, maybe you should give it a try.

  • only if you believe it!


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