Why is my good friend... that is a girl acting this way now I have a girlfriend? Did I do something wrong?

Im great friends with this girl, ever since i been dating my girlfriend (1 months now), my friend is acting a bit weird. I noticed when i said my girlfriend was the most beautiful girl in the world, her face somewhat slumped. Was it bad to say that infront of another girl. We also used to chill like once a week but now we hang out 2 times a month only. I feel like now i have a girlfriend we're not really having the same friendship as before, this is because of my gf?


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  • Aww maybe she liked you

    • we got over that phase, she told me we're just friend before, but you think she didn't mean it?

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    • The situation is really strange. Everything you say says she really likes you, but then she turned you down... It's weird. Maybe she actually does but just can't see herself being with you or was worried about losing you if it didn't work out.

    • i would still be friends with her and i know what you mean, super strange. LIke my one of my friends was like "so you and (my name) would make a great couple". The she said "he's like a bro to me tho". I don't know like its strange. That was infront of other people. I don't know why she acts like that. Like everyone who meets us bscially thinks we're dating cause of how she acts, she always teases me. so I don't know what to say.

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  • Maybe your friend wanted to eventually become more than a friend. That transition from friend to girlfriend can be hard and nerve racking for risk of loosing the friendship altogether.. so maybe you having a girlfriend has changed a lot.. maybe she feel a hurt and betrayed.. talk to her

    • i hope not :( i guess i can talk to her