What does it feel like?

what does it feel like to have anxiety or depression? my best friend has depression and i have been looking for better ways to help her, but what does it feel like to have eaither of them?


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  • It doesn't matter how much people try to describe it... you can never understand unless you experience it yourself.

    By the way, depression and anxiety usually come together as a package deal.


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  • It fes like having an exam you haven't studies for every minute of the day but for no reason.
    Depression feels like being dumped. You are devastated, you have no reason to do anything, no motivation to live. The only thing preventing you from committing suicide is that you don't want others to be too sad but then you get used to the idea. You can't remember the last time you felt anything. You don't understand how people feel happy and get excited over normal stuff. You hate everyone because they are annoying. In order to escape from them you Isolate. yourself from the world. You even give up on eating and showering. At some point all you want to do is to sleep to escape the prison for a few hours