Guys, If you were my boyfriend what would you think/assume about me now that you know I think vampires, pixies, etc... exist?

I don't think the stereotypical kinds are real. But I think that there is more too it and a deeper understanding and meaning. Like the vampires and werewolves and stuff you see are just watered down versions of the real deal. Think about it, there's always some truth in every lie. (Or however that saying goes. But yeah.) What would you think about me? This isn't a red flag is it?


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  • I wouldn't think anything of it. I'm already willing to put up with if my girlfriend believes a virgin gave birth to a magic baby so I don't see how what yiu believe is amy crazier than that


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  • I would think you were a dumb hipster

    • Aww lol. But I'm not and I was dead serious about it. Would you still continue to go out with me?

    • Obv it would depend on your personality and everything else about you. And how much you bring up that you believe in fairytale creatures

    • Thanks! 👍

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  • I would find you very silly for believing in it and I would certainly annoy you with hundreds of attempts to have a logical, rational discussion about it (such as intense interrogations for evidence to show you how silly your beliefs are). I would probably also joke about it or tease you for it but I wouldn't stop going out with you. Like @Jmarx said very correctly, religious beliefs are generally silly. Whether you believe in vampires and pixies or in a virgin birth and a guy healing blind and crippled people by simply touching them is pretty much the same.


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